15. 6. 2018


When clients don’t throw out promotional items, it’s generally considered a win. When they proudly use them, it’s a blessing. When it’s beautiful women that wear clothing with your brand on it, it’s insane.

Lenka Kůsová, the marketing director of Sotheby's International Realty Czech Republic, attended O2’s Prague relay-race 4x5 km in our Olmer ad hoodie! She looks great, and the positive energy from the “Good Vibes” print surely helped her overcome the hardships she encountered during the race. Next year, we’ll make leggings, and maybe Bolt will wear them.
30. 4. 2019

ČSOB Premium Investment Roadshow

We have extended our cooperation with ČSOB to now include their service ČSOB premium – a new outstanding dimension of banking for clients.
4. 3. 2019

Czech Post Roadshow, part II

After the gathering in Olomouc we have successfully organised yet another Czech Post road show. This time in Prague. It seems obvious that where we are going next is Berlin and then perhaps New York…